First of all congratulations on the purchase of your new home.
We’re excited for you as well and don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what you need to know:
Typically closing takes about an hour and at the closing you will meet with us and sign the final documents for your property. Below are some items that we require from each party before we can initiate the closing process:


Seller/Listing Agent

  • Full name of record owner
  • Marital Status of record owner
  • Inquire as to recent deaths, divorces, or other situations that would affect title
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Name of existing lien holder and loan number
  • Copy of existing survey. Inquire that there have been no changes and let them know they must sign a sworn affidavit to the title company at closing regarding any changes made to the property
  • Information regarding any Homeowners Association
  • Send amendments to the contract to Title Company and Lender
  • Reminder of government issued photo I.D. for the notary at the time of closing

Buyer/Selling Agent

  • Buyer’s correct name for legal documents
  • Name of buyer’s new lender and loan officer
  • Name and phone number of new homeowners insurance agent
  • Reminder of “good funds” rule and Title Company policy
  • Residential service contract brochures to buyer for choice selection
  • Reminder of government issued photo I.D. for the notary at the time of closing


  • Will the lender accept the existing survey?
  • Need lender’s instructions to prepare settlement statement for closing
  • Need loan proceeds for funding (good funds)
  • Need funding authorization number after closing in order to fund

Title Company

  • Performs title search
  • Prepares title commitment
  • Orders tax report
  • Checks existing survey or orders new survey
  • Orders payoff of existing liens
  • Prepares the HUD-1 settlement statement
  • Closes transaction
  • Issues Owners and Lenders Title Policies


  • Will there be a mail out to seller or buyer? Let lender and title company know in advance
  • Mail outs to a foreign country will require notarization at the American Consulate’s office unless the notary language and seal are in English
  • If Power of Attorney is to be used, it must be approved by the Title Company and by the Lender. The original power of attorney will have to be recorded
  • Repair credits are usually not allowed by the Lender. Check with lender to see if this is allowed, or if Seller can pay Buyer’s closing costs in lieu of repairs


Buyer Tips. Below are some common things to keep in mind during the home buying process.

  • Who is the new Lender and contact person?
  • Who is the Homeowner’s Insurance agent and their phone number?
  • Has the Termite Inspection been done? By Whom? Paid Y/N? Invoice Amount?
  • Has the Home Inspection Report been done? By Whom? Paid Y/N? Invoice Amount?
  • Has the Buyer received a a copy of the existing survey from the Seller if required in contract?
  • If contract or lender requires new survey, who is ordering it and when?
  • If closing with a Power of Attorney, the Title Company and the lender will need a copy of the Power of Attorney prior to closing for approval and the original at closing for recording.
  • A wire transfer will be required to the title Company for balance to close.
  • What is the Buyer’s daytime telephone number?
  • Will the Buyers be present for the closing or will closing papers have to be express delivered? If so, supply address for overnight delivery.
  • Buyer’s must present valid government issued identification at closing.