Title Problems

Examples of the Title Problems

This list shows why it’s important to own title insurance. Although a thorough examination should identify all the title problems reflected in public records, not all of these problems are apparent in public records. Any of the title problems listed here can make your title worthless (and yes, these things DO happen) – but an owner’s title policy protects you from financial losses caused by title issues

Hidden Title Problems:

  1. Someone has presented themself as the true owner of the land, but is actually not
  2. There are forged title documents
  3. There are people who claim to have “power of attorney” who don’t have the legal authority to act for another person
  4. There are deeds delivered after the death of one of the people involved, without the prewritten consent of the deceased.
  5. It is discovered that a will isn’t legally valid
  6. A deed is to, or from,a defunct corporation
  7. There are heirs missing or not disclosed in title documentation
  8. Wills were misinterpreted
  9. Deeds were made by people of unsound mind
  10. Deeds were made by minors
  11. Deeds were made by non-citizens
  12. Erroneous reports were furnished by tax officials
  13. Estates that had key people absent
  14. There is an undisclosed divorce of a spouse who claims to be an heir
  15. There is a spouse who is supposedly, but not legally, divorced from someone involved in the proceedings
  16. Children were born or adopted after the date of a will that involved the property
  17. Surviving children were omitted from a will that involved the property
  18. Mistakes were made in recording legal documents
  19. Title records were falsified
  20. Creditors make claim against a property that was sold by heirs or other people named in a will
  21. Deeds were made under duress as a last option to foreclosure
  22. Easements (limited rights for other parties to use the land) exist that were not located by a survey
  23. A deed incorrectly identifies public property as private property
  24. There are errors in tax records
  25. There are deeds from a bigamous couple
  26. Representatives on legal documents (eg, Notary Seals) are invalid or incorrect
  27. The property was condemned but there is no official record of the condemnation